big brother (U.S.) favorites - females (part 1)

females (part 2)

males (p1/p2)

bbcan (females/males)


ahm takin mah tahme on this one


zach: I’m probably #1 or 2 on jokers

christine: AHAHAHA

cody: lol you’re joking right? 

derrick: no way in hell

zach: no ones going to like me are they..

frankie: not if they watch the show


if i got through the first part of bbcan2 with the first fives reign of terror and bb15 i can get through bb16

now hopefully jocasta zach amber victoria and donny form a sloppy seconds-esque outsider alliance



but like can’t yall see the similarities of rachelle’s hoh and cody’s hoh. they both won the 4th hoh, had someone in their ear the whole week telling them what to do (sabrina/derrick), were both really close to their targets in the previous weeks (ika/brittany) and yet still targeted that person, who wasn’t coming after them but were coming after their friends. not to mention they put the sweethearts of the nation on the block next to the target (heather/donny).


“I don’t fit in because I stick out like a sore thumb. I’m older, I look different, I talk different. I’m not y’all’s age.”
— Aww Donny :( (via acatonaleash) —
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